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  • Comarch Software - Finansing & Support
  • Comarch Software - Finansing & Support


The European Union supports development of Polish enterprises by co-financing innovative projects in the area of IT. Our company provides comprehensive services when it comes to selecting optimal financing method (type of subsidy), preparing applications and submitting them followed by handling awarded subsidy. Depending on the type of business activity as well as company's size and location, it is possible to procure up to 70% of funds. Thus, we are capable of financing not only the purchase of IT programs but also the purchase of implementation services and hardware. The next call for applications will be held in June 2013. We have already accompanied several dozens of companies on implementation of IT systems with the EU support. We provide comprehensive services covering software and subsidy.


Bank loan is one of the most common sources of financing investments made by Polish enterprises. As an alternative to bank borrowing, entrepreneurs might decide on trade credit financed by software supplier. Clients interested in such solutions are submitted with an offer regarding the purchase of software, services and hardware with the possibility to spread the payments out over time. Terms and conditions are adjusted individually to the size of the project and its scope.


Commissioning new computer system in a company might be funded not only from one's own resources or bank loans, but also through leasing; the latter requires no paperwork and long-lasting waiting for a decision. Most leasing companies has software leasing in their offer. We are also willing to make our clients a proposal in this regard, because we cooperate with Europejski Fundusz Leasingowy ("EFL") and Grenke Leasing. As far as IT systems offered by our company are concerned, our clients can be sure of promotional leasing offers. For example, Comarch software can be purchased within EFL special offer, namely "Leasing 106%"./p>


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b2b and b2c e-commerce software


Business Intelligence Software


We offer brand-name IBM, HP, and NTT servers in configurations that are tailored to the systems we implement. While executing given projects, we guarantee that the proposed hardware solutions will be adequately effective and safe. We try to adjust these solutions to client's development plans and provide servers that can be easily upgraded and developed. We take advantage of special sales offer for servers which makes our offer very attractive in terms of price. In addition to the purchase of servers, we offer Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft MS SQL software on promotional terms (including "runtime" versions). This offer shall also apply even in case servers are not purchased.


We offer desktop computers and laptops. In case software is installed at workplace where adverse conditions prevail (e.g. Infortes MES in production plants), we recommend (and provide) special terminals with touch screens (e.g. IBM) as well as Motorola and Honeywell portable terminals. For mobile users of our systems, we have suitable tablets and smartphones in our offer.


For users of software supporting the work to be done in warehouses, we offer portable Motorola or Honeywell terminals and Cipherlab data collectors (also using the 2d technology). Our wide-ranging offer also includes bar codes and labels printers. If necessary, we will design the whole computer network and install all devices related thereto, including wireless network in warehouses and production plants.


Our systems have been implemented in hundreds of companies operating in different industries in Poland and in Germany. International clients are provided with consultants' support and documentation maintenance in a foreign language. Projects are always run in accordance with accepted and verified implementation methodology based on our own long-standing experience as well as best practices described in specialist literature. Of course, the way projects are run depends on both the system to be implemented and specificity of a given client. We adapt the way we operate to many factors, including the type and scale of client's business activity, the number of users of the system, company's organizational structure and its location.

Post-implementation support

Satisfaction from using computer system depends not only on successful implementation but also on the quality of support services. Commissioning the system does not mean the end of cooperation since our clients are still provided with full post-implementation support. Depending on our clients' needs, we will select optimal scope of support services, including for instance an access to updated versions of both software and documentation, hardware servicing or professional consulting. Our clients are offered telephone hot-line manned by a team of experienced consultants. Ongoing support for software users is provided mainly by remote control, via phone, e-mail or with the use of Team Viewer software. Of course, if necessary, our consultants are ready to render their services in client's registered office. We guarantee that all reported problems will be addressed in reasonable time, as specified in the contract.

Computer programming

We use state-of-the-art computer programming tools and provide guarantees as well as support with regard to our original solutions. When programming, we mainly use the latest technology and Microsoft environments (for instance, Infortes' software is developed with the use of Visual Studio packages and the latest versions of .Net platform). Our company's applications are fully compatible with the up-to-the-minute version of the MS SQL Server 2012 database. As a token of appreciation, Microsoft awarded our expertise in this field by granting us the ISD Silver Status. We have also a vast array of ready-made applications, reports, and print outs that might find a use in production plants as well as in retail and service outlets.

About us

Infortes deals with the sale, implementation and service of integrated information systems that support enterprise management. We offer up-to-date and well-tried systems of ERP, CRM, BI, WMS, DMS class and more. Our clients include mostly medium and large production, trading and service companies with Polish and foreign capital. We operate throughout the whole country, providing all our clients with the highest quality of service. Many of our clients conduct their business activity in the Special Economic Zones.

We help our clients to select and start up appropriate IT, business and finance solutions, optimal for the specificity of their economic operations and regardless of industry or scale of their economic activity.

Our implementations are like a well-tailored suit: we select and integrate products so that they could meet all functional requirements necessary for efficient and effective management of the company. Business and information processes constitute one complementary whole.

In unusual situations we provide additional programming services on our own: we design and program not only single features or reports, but also complete, custom modules, the purpose of which is to fulfil clients' individual requirements. We also render software support services and conduct trainings for future users of given systems in order to make maximum use of software potential.

We execute implementation projects thoroughly, followed by delivering and commissioning necessary information and communication infrastructure such as servers, software systems and database. We also assist our clients in the selection of optimal model of financing particular business initiatives. We obtain subsidies from EU funds on behalf of our clients.

Even though we are young and dynamic company, we will soon celebrate 10th anniversary of conducting business activity in Poland.

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